6 Hip-Strengthening Exercises For Strong Glutes and Hips

New workout coming at ya! Since July, I’ve been dealing with a relapse of chronic hip bursitis. If you’re also no stranger to hip pain, then you know how awful it is to live with. BUT at physical therapy, I learned some hip-strengthening exercises to target weak glutes and hips, which can contribute to this pain. Read on to check out this full hip workout! 

Now, I can happily say that I am nearly out of the woods of this most recent relapse. Strengthening and stretching my legs and booty has been pivotal in healing this bout of bursitis. 

The following workout is full of hip-strengthening exercises that can help ease hip and glute pain. I’ve been doing this hip workout three times a week as a part of my rehab. My physical therapist suggested all of these moves, except for the plie squats — this move I added because I found that my inner thighs were weak as well. 

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor or certified personal trainer. I have a BA in psychology and a minor in health and wellness studies. Consult your doctor before starting this or any new exercise program. 

Instructions for the Hip Workout

If you are completely new to these exercises, I’d suggest starting with 10 reps of each exercise (per leg, if applicable).

However, as you get stronger and can do these moves without pain in the affected areas, you can add more reps. You should gradually work up to 2-3 sets of 15 reps. That’s what I’m currently doing, and I am in far less hip pain than when I first started them. 

Bird Dogs:

– Hold the pose on each side for 15 seconds to start. Work up to 30 seconds. Perform 2-3 sets as you become stronger.

Bridge Holds:

– Rise into the bridge pose, squeeze your glutes for 3 seconds, then lower to the starting position. Start with 10 reps and work up to 15 reps. Perform 2-3 sets as you become stronger. 


– To do this hip-strengthening exercise, make sure your legs are stacked and that your knees are forming a 45-degree angle. Open your knees only as far as you can. It may only be a small movement to start; that’s OK! This exercise works your gluteus medius — a very important muscle in stabilizing the pelvis and balancing inner and outer thigh strength! 

Exercises to strengthen weak glutes and ease hip pain
Exercises to strengthen weak glutes and ease hip pain

So there you have it: your hip-strengthening exercises for strong glutes and hips! Make sure to ice your affected hip(s) after performing this routine, especially if you are feeling any stiffness or soreness. With hip bursitis, it’s also a good idea to ice several times a day regardless. In the thick of my flare-up, I iced at least four times a day to manage pain

Once your glutes are stronger and causing you less pain, you can check out my lower body workout for beginners! This workout uses resistance bands, which are great tools to use for muscle-strengthening exercises. 

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