6 Static Core Exercises For POTS Patients

Have you ever heard of static exercises before? What are they, and how can they benefit your fitness level, physical capabilities, and pain management? Well, read on because I’m about to give you a crash course in static exercises, along with a workout of six static core exercises for POTS patients.

What Is A Static Exercise?

Static exercises, otherwise known as isometric exercises, are poses that involve no lengthening or shortening of the muscles. Basically, when you’re performing static exercises, you’re tensing your muscles in one position without moving them–hence, “static.” 

Planks are a perfect example of static core exercises. You can bet we’ll be doing them a bunch in this core workout! I love doing planks and plank variations because they work multiple muscle groups at once. Talk about an efficient way to exercise! Other examples of static exercises are bridges, wall sits, and chin-up bar holds.

Static Exercises For Core Strength

Having a strong and stable core is beneficial in more ways than one. Sure, we feel more confident with a toned tummy, but there are functional benefits as well. Our core muscles allow us to perform daily activities, help with balance, and improve athletic performance. Core strength can even ease back pain, especially low-back pain that can develop from sitting too long.  

Performing static exercises along with dynamic exercises (such as crunches, reverse crunches, etc.) will help you build strong abdominal and back muscles. Static exercises are best for building core endurance and stability, whereas dynamic exercises are great for overall strengthening. All three components are necessary for ultimate core strength [1].

Static exercises are a great option for people with POTS, chronic pain, or a recovering injury because they don’t involve moving the joints, or moving around much, period. That being said, they’re also appropriate for anyone in need of low-impact exercises.

Core Strength & POTS

Although everyone needs to have a strong core, for people with POTS, it’s even more crucial. Strengthening the muscles of the legs and the core is key because they work like pumps to push blood back up to the heart while standing. So the stronger these muscles become, the better they can circulate blood in our bodies. This means POTSies could see a great improvement in their symptoms just from exercise!  

According to one 2018 study, “[POTS] Patients are also recommended to perform exercises for core, such as abdominal crunches, back extensions, side planks or anything Pilates-based that they can do on the floor.” This list includes both dynamic and static moves. As I said before, it’s important to include both types of exercises to build an all-around strong core. While this workout will focus solely on static core exercises, I’ll compile another workout soon with dynamic moves, so you’ll be fully covered!

Ready to get to work building a strong core? Let’s go!

*Disclaimer: I am not a certified personal trainer, but I do have a minor in health and wellness studies and am passionate about exercise. As always, consult your doctor before starting this or any new exercise routine.

6 Static Core Exercises

If you’re a newbie to these exercises, then you might want to start with 2 sets of each move and aim to hold each pose for 15-20 seconds. If you’re more advanced, you can perform 2-3 sets of each exercise held for 30-45 seconds.

static core exercises for strong abs

static core exercises for strong abs

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If you’re looking for another workout to build lower body strength and to further improve the blood-pumping ability of those muscles, try this lower body workout with resistance bands. These exercises helped me strengthen my legs and glutes fast! 

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