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August Quote: Being more consistent

Being more consistent

Hey everyone! Starting this month, I’m beginning an all-new series on the blog!

I don’t know about you guys, but I love reading quotes. I find that scrolling through Pinterest and stumbling across new quotes is a sure-fire way to spark inspiration, motivation, and growth. Anyone else agree? Even more, it allows me to reflect on areas of my life that need work and how I can go about improving those areas.

I’m such a fan of quotes, that I have at least one sticky note with words of encouragement posted somewhere on my desk at all times. Every so often, I change out the quote(s) for fresh ones that either fit a project I’m working on or how I want to evolve as a person. Sometimes, they’re quotes that pick me back up when I’m struggling with my illnesses. 

Then I had the lightbulb moment the other day as I was sitting at my desk in NYC…without any quotes posted anywhere! At my parent’s house, I had three quotes up on my desk before I left. Having none in NYC was kind of a downer. But I will fix that, starting today! 

My plan is to pick a new quote or saying at the beginning of each month and stick it up somewhere I can see it every day. They’ll be inspiring quotes related to growth, chronic illness, self-love, overcoming obstacles, and so much more! 

Each month, my goal will be to challenge myself to live in alignment with the quote’s words and reflect on my progress as the month unfolds.  

Of course, I’ll encourage you to join me every month! Post the quote somewhere you’ll see it every day–your bathroom mirror, your fridge, your desk–and challenge yourself to start living, breathing, and believing its words! Take each month as an opportunity to become an even better version of yourself (even though, you’re already great!). Let’s inspire each other every month and grow together to truly cultivate the lives we love despite our conditions!  

Because chronic illness is NOT going to stop us! Do I need to repeat that? Chronic illness will NOT stop us from living whole and fulfilling lives! 

So, what do you say, friends? Are you with me?!? 

If so, here’s the first quote I’ve chosen for the month of August:

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.”

Marie Forleo

So, with that said, I’m making August all about being more consistent! 

Where do you want to cultivate success in your life? In your career? Your healing journey or fitness journey? Your side hustle? A new hobby or skill? Relationships? Self-love? 

There are sooo many areas of our lives where we can potentially draw successes from, big and small. The key to garnering that success, as Forleo so rightly says, is consistency. Occasionally putting in some work toward your goals isn’t going to be the best recipe for success, now is it? 

But, taking small, frequent steps toward reaching your goals will help you to develop consistency, and with consistent action comes constant opportunities to learn, grow, and evolve. From that evolution blooms the success we seek.  

Being more consistent is something I recognize that I need to work more on. This is especially so in regard to recording data about my health on a daily basis. I know that I’d probably gain a ton of knowledge about my health if I tracked certain health stats every day. This includes things such as my blood pressures, symptoms, menstrual cycles, moods, medications or supplements I took, and other worthwhile notes. 

The idea here is that once I start recording things long enough (aka being more consistent) I’ll start to see patterns between my daily actions and my symptoms. These patterns offer huge insights into how I can manage my health conditions!

Being more consistent

So with all that said, my goal for August is to be more consistent with tracking certain health stats. I hope to successfully gain some new knowledge about my health by the end of the month, but I have a feeling that it may take longer to really notice any major patterns. However, this will be a good start! 

I also want to be more consistent about making a daily schedule for myself. I find that I get wayyy more done if I have a list of things I need to accomplish for the day. Otherwise, I feel like I have no direction, and I end up being less productive. So, having a planner (and actually using it!) is how I hope to be more consistent in this regard.

What areas of your life do you want to work on being more consistent in to successfully reach your goals? Let me know in the comments below or over on my Instagram what you plan to work on this month! 

Let’s make August a fantastically consistent month! Check out more self-care content next!



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