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22 Gift Ideas For People With POTS

Gift ideas for someone with POTS

Hey there! You’ve probably landed on this page because you know someone with POTS and you need awesome gift ideas. Or, maybe you have POTS and you want to put some new items on your wish list for friends and family. Whatever the case may be, you’ve come to the right place! The following list has my best gift ideas for people with POTS. No matter your budget, you’re sure to find something the POTSie in your life will love and appreciate.

I’ve rated each idea in this POTS gift guide based on budget. So, if you’re looking to spend no more than $25, look for the “$” rating. Gifts that cost between $26-$50 received a “$$” rating. Finally, if your budget is more than $50, check out the items with a “$$$” label. 

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POTS Starter Box

Price: $$

I recently came across this POTS gift idea on Etsy, and I think it is absolutely, hands-down a fabulous gift for someone with POTS, particularly someone newly diagnosed with the condition. It’s a POTS starter box and includes a pair of compression socks, samples of electrolyte drink mixes, SaltStick fast chews, and more. I think this would make for such a thoughtful and helpful gift for someone new to the POTS world!

Shop POTS Starter Box here.

Lined Leather Journal

Price: $

A journal is a great gift idea for people with POTS or other chronic illnesses. They can use it for multiple purposes, whether that’s tracking their daily symptoms, practicing gratitude, or expressing their thoughts and feelings. This option comes in a variety of pretty colors, like teal, pink, leather brown, and forest green.

Shop Lined Leather Journal here.

Portable Neck Cooling Fan

Price: $$

This portable cooling fan is worn around your neck and looks a lot like a pair of headphones. Why is this a good gift for a POTS patient? Because the heat is a symptom trigger for many people with POTS. Staying cool and managing body temperature is really important to managing this condition. This fan comes with three speeds, is rechargeable, and can be worn in the car, outdoors, in places without air conditioning — anywhere hot! 

Shop FRSara Portable Neck Cooling Fan here.

Vim&Vigr Compression Socks

Price: $$

Give the gift of stylish compression socks to the POTSie in your life. These are hands-down my favorite compression socks for POTS symptom management. I truly feel the difference when I wear these, plus, I’ve come up with several cute outfits with them. 

Shop Vim&Vigr Compression Socks here.

Vitassium by SaltStick Products

Price: $-$$

Vitassium makes a variety of products that can help POTSies get more salt in their diets. From electrolyte FastChews to salt capsules to electrolyte drink mixes, Vitassium has what POTS patients need to maintain electrolyte balance and healthy blood pressure. What I particularly love about their electrolyte drink mixes is that they’re low in sugar. And I’m loving the pink lemonade flavor right now! 

Shop Vitassium FastChews here.

Shop Vitassium Electrolyte Capsules here.

Shop Vitassium Pink Lemonade DrinkMix here.

Simple Modern 40oz. Tumbler

Price: $$

This water bottle looks and functions similarly to the popular Stanley cup but comes in at a cheaper price. Gift the POTSie in your life the gift of hydration to help them manage their condition — because people with POTS need to drink a TON of water each day. This insulated tumbler comes in over 30 different colors, from beautiful solids to multicolored patterns. 

Shop Simple Modern 40 oz. Tumbler here.

POTS Sunflower Medicine Bag

Price: $

Instead of keeping medications lined up on a counter or in a medicine cabinet, people with POTS can store them in this super cute medicine bag. Plus, it doubles as a travel bag, so they can always have their medication in one place when they’re on the go. The bag comes in small and large options and features pretty sunflowers on its front to brighten your day.

Shop POTS Medicine Bag here.

CompressionZ High-Waisted Compression Leggings for Women

Price: $$

I decided to try these compression leggings after wanting to find a more affordable alternative to Lululemon. I can definitely feel the compression in my legs with these leggings on. My usual size is small, and the small fits a little snugly in my waist (which is a little uncomfortable for me because of endo). But I get great compression in my legs—I feel really held in. These leggings are also really soft and made from a quality material that isn’t see-through. These compression leggings are a great alternative to Lululemon leggings and make for a great gift for people with POTS.

Shop CompressionZ High-Waisted Leggings here.

Smart Watch 

Price: $$$

I’m going to suggest two options for this gift idea for people with POTS. I’ve used both FitBit and Garmin watches now, and while I really like them both, I think they better suit different purposes. 

Even though both watch brands are useful for exercise, I think the Garmin watch is better suited for people who exercise regularly or who are exercise enthusiasts. The Garmin watch displays more metrics on the watch face during exercise, and it allows you to create and upload your workouts with customized heart rate zones onto the watch. It even buzzes when your heart rate shifts into different exercise zones, which is a really important feature for people with POTS who exercise.

But if the POTSie in your life only wants to monitor their heart rate and they don’t care about snazzy exercise features and detailed data reports, then a FitBit may be a better and more affordable option. FitBit watches also track metrics like steps, calories burned, sleep quality, and depending on the model, your heart rhythm. But a lot of the additional features, like heart rate variability and exercise readiness scores require a FitBit Premium subscription to access, so keep that in mind when choosing a model to gift someone!

Shop Garmin Vivoactive 4 here.

Shop FitBit Sense here.

Instant Pot Vortex 6-in-1 Air Fryer

Price: $$$

My husband and I got an air fryer as a gift at my bridal shower this past year, and we have fallen in love with it. Not only does it make foods healthier by using less oil but it also makes cooking really easy. I love it when my husband makes eggplant and zucchini fries with it. Plus, the tray and basket are dishwasher-safe, so cleaning up is a piece of cake. Cooking (and cleaning up) can be difficult when living with chronic illness, so any gift that can simplify the process is a great idea! 

Shop Instant Pot Vortex Air Fryer here.

POTS Warrior Ribbon Necklace

Price: $$

This is the perfect piece of jewelry to give as a gift to a person with POTS. It’s a 14K gold necklace with a Cubic Zirconia-adorned ribbon pendant and another circle-cut Cubic Zirconia. The necklace even comes in a box with uplifting quotes on it, such as “You are braver than you believe.” This gift is sure to make a person with POTS smile.

Shop POTS Warrior Ribbon Necklace here.

Tote Bag For Chronic Illness Essentials

Price: $$

This waterproof tote bag is perfect to use as an all-day bag. It has a laptop pocket, a wide front pocket, and multiple inner pockets that can fit everything a POTSie needs to get through the day away from home (like electrolytes, salty snacks, hot/cold packs, medication, and more). Plus, it comes in over 25 beautiful colors and designs.

Shop LOVEVOOK Laptop Tote Bag here.

You Are Awesome Mug

Price: $

Who doesn’t love a cheerful mug with a positive affirmation on it? This white mug has a pink pastel rainbow atop the phrase “you are awesome” on it — which is a beautiful reminder to see while enjoying a warm beverage. Another cool gift idea? Fill the coffee mug with electrolyte replenishers, packets of salted nuts or trail mix, and their favorite candy!

Shop the You Are Awesome Mug here.

Adjustable Laptop Bed Tray Desk

Price: $$$

Another great gift idea for people with POTS is a bed desk that they can use on bad symptom days. This option is a little pricier than others, but it allows the user to adjust the desk angle to accommodate their position. Plus, it’s foldable for easy storage. With this product, POTS patients can still work and study from bed or the couch.   

Shop SAIJI Adjustable Laptop Bed Tray Desk here.

POTS Warrior Sweatshirt

Price: $$

This sweatshirt is a little different than the one I included in last year’s list, but I love it just as much as last year’s pick! It features the acronym “POTS” in a cheetah print design above a cursive-printed “warrior.” And it also has a rainbow on it that matches whichever color you pick for the sweatshirt. Plus, the “POTS Warrior” text would make me proud to wear this sweatshirt any day of the week. 

Shop POTS Warrior Sweatshirt here.

A New Book

Price: $

For some, reading is a favorite hobby to reduce stress. For others, it’s a fun home activity they can do on bad-symptom days when they may be bedbound or focused on resting. Support both types of readers by buying them a new book. Some of my recent favorite reads are People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry, Verity by Colleen Hoover, and Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus.

Shop People We Meet on Vacation here.

Shop Verity here.

Shop Lessons in Chemistry here.

Medical ID Bracelet

Price: $$

POTS patients — especially those prone to fainting — should consider wearing a medical ID bracelet. What better way to show someone you care about them than by buying them a gift that could help them in a medical emergency? You can personalize these bracelets to include information about their medical conditions, allergies, and emergency contacts.

Shop Lauren’s Hope Medical ID Bracelet here.

Stay Salty Stacked Teal POTS Bracelets

Price: $

These stacked bracelets make for a simple yet cute gift for any POTS patient. You get a set of three teal-beaded bracelets, and one of them has “Stay Salty” beads on it for a touch of relatable POTS humor. This would make a nice gift on its own, or paired with a few other small things, like a book, a face mask, and their favorite salty snacks (Jerky? Gourmet pickles? Popcorn?).

Shop Stacked Teal POTS Bracelets here.

POTS Girl Fall Crewneck Sweatshirt

Price: $$

It may not be peak fall season anymore, but I don’t know what POTSie wouldn’t want this cute and clever piece in their wardrobe! This crewneck sweatshirt features the saying: “Pumpkin Spice and Electrolytes” and comes in many colors, like white, maroon, and forest green.

Shop Fall Crewneck Sweatshirt here.

POTS Girl Winter Long Sleeve Shirt

Price: $$

This is basically the winter version of the fall sweatshirt listed above only as a long-sleeve shirt instead. It has the saying “Feeling Tachy and Full of Cheer” on it, along with a Christmas tree. I’m sure whoever you give this gift to would throw this shirt right on and proceed to play Mariah Carey on an endless loop while doing all the holiday things!

Shop POTS Girl Winter Long Sleeve Shirt here.

In My Dizzy Era Sweatshirt

Price: $$

Just because there are so many cute and clever apparel designs out there geared toward people with POTS, I have to include another option! This sweatshirt has a small saltshaker over the words POTS on the front, and on the back, it has the phrase “In My Dizzy Era” in big colorful letters. I think this would be a great gift for someone with POTS who also loves Taylor Swift — it’s all about Eras right now! 

Shop In My Dizzy Era Sweatshirt here.

If you’ve been wondering what to buy for someone with POTS, hopefully, this gift guide has sparked some ideas. Whatever you decide to get, I’m sure the POTSie in your life will appreciate it greatly. 

Happy shopping!

POTS gift guide: gift ideas for people with POTS

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