POTS Exercise Series: Total Body Floor Workout

POTS exercise: total body floor workout

Hey, friends! If you’re looking for a total body floor workout that you can do right at home, then look no further! These floor exercises for toning your total body are appropriate for beginners and more advanced exercisers alike. And they’re also great for those with POTS who find standing exercise to be too challenging.

That’s why I’ve made this workout a part of a POTS exercise series that I want to start. (More on that below.) Many of my previously posted workouts are also excellent for POTSies, so be sure to check those out too if you haven’t already!

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, any strengthening exercises that can be done on the floor either with or without resistance bands are great for POTS patients.

POTS researchers Qi Fu and Benjamin Levine recommend that anyone who does not have access to seated strength training equipment at a gym may perform floor exercises at home instead. They suggest that POTS patients perform 2 sets of 10-20 repetitions of Pilates-based floor exercises for toning and strengthening, at a minimum.

I suggest the same guidelines for this workout. When you are stronger, you can work up to 3 sets and/or add resistance to the exercises (such as with resistance bands). 

*Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor or a certified personal trainer. My workouts are based on research and my personal experience with POTS and exercise. Please consult with your doctor before beginning this or any new exercise routine.

Total Body Floor Workout Exercise Notes

Before you get started with this total body floor workout, read over these notes for some of the exercises.

For these floor exercises, you should perform 10-20 reps of each exercise— whatever is moderately challenging for you — on both sides of your body, when applicable. Do this whole routine 2-3 times for a total body floor workout. (Beginners can start with one set and work up to 2-3 sets.) 


For the planks, start by holding them for 30 seconds before progressing to 45 seconds and up to a minute. If 30 seconds is too much, start at 15 seconds. 

Triceps Push-Ups

When doing the triceps push-ups, make sure your elbows are locked into your sides. Keep them glued there as you push up off the floor and lower back down to your mat. This will help to target your triceps and tone the back of your arm!

Bridge to Single-leg Bridge

As for the bridge to single-leg bridge exercise, start by performing a basic bridge. After lowering back to the floor, perform a single-leg bridge. This counts as one rep. Then, perform another basic bridge followed by a single-leg bridge on the opposite leg. I suggest doing an even number of reps for this exercise so that both left and right legs get equal attention.

Alternating Cross Body Toe Reach  

To do this total body floor toning exercise, start by bending your right knee. Straighten your right arm overhead and your left leg on the floor. At the same time, lift your leg and perform a crunch, reaching your arm up to touch your toes. Lower your leg, chest, and arm. This is one rep. Repeat and then switch sides.

POTS exercise: total body floor workout
POTS exercise: total body floor workout

If you’re looking for more workouts that I made with POTS patients in mind, check out my beginner upper body workout that can be done in a chair. Or, add my dynamic exercises for strong abs routine to your workout schedule. For even more, check out my workouts page. 

Would you all be interested in me sharing more of my workouts as a part of a POTS exercise series? I’ve been doing a lot of workouts at home over the winter, and I’m happy to share some of what I’ve been doing if people find it helpful. Let me know in the comments below if you want to see more, and what types of workouts specifically you’d be interested in! 

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I am newly diagnosed and these exercise series are super helpful.

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