Top Products For People With POTS

Why, hello there! When I was first diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), my medical team told me to incorporate four lifestyle changes into my daily life. They included increasing my fluid intake, eating a high-salt diet, wearing compression, and exercising.

In the four years since my diagnosis, I’ve found products that help me do all four of these things to treat my POTS. I’ve also found other lifestyle products that have been pivotal in managing my symptoms. But I’ve also included some other products that could be helpful to people with POTS, depending on their symptoms.

Remember, everyone experiences chronic illness differently, so what works well for me and my symptoms may not work well for you and yours. But I hope you find something on this page that makes your life with POTS a little easier. *Hugs.* 

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Electrolyte Replenishers

When it comes to electrolyte replenishers, Liquid I.V. and Pedialyte are my favorites. I keep both products in my pantry so that I can switch flavors and avoid getting sick of one. While these are excellent for staying hydrated all day, I use them most often after exercising, during a POTS flare, and on hot days when I sweat more than usual.

Shop Liquid I.V. here.

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Medical ID Bracelet

Medical ID Bracelet

POTS patients—especially those prone to fainting—should consider wearing a medical ID bracelet. Lauren’s Hope Medical ID Jewelry allows you to pick and personalize a medical ID bracelet that’s as glamorous as it is informative. This website has no shortage of beautiful designs to choose from. And, like all medical ID bracelets, you can have your most vital information engraved on them, such as your full name, medical conditions, allergies, and emergency contacts.

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NutriBullet Nutrient Extractor

I use this blender to make healthy protein smoothies and shakes. One of my favorite shakes is half parts almond milk and half parts water with cocoa powder, protein powder, and a scoop of peanut butter. Another favorite is almond milk with frozen fruits like strawberries, mango, and peaches, along with protein powder and chia seeds. Sometimes, I’ll add some coconut water for extra hydration. Shakes and smoothies are healthy, filling, and hydrating!

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Fitbit Smart Watches

I’ve worn Fitbit watches for years to track my daily heart rate, exercise, and sleep patterns. I wear my new Fitbit Sense almost every day and use it to track my pulse during exercise. A heart rate monitor is truly a must-have product for managing POTS.

Shop Fitbit Charge 5 here.

Shop Fitbit Sense here.  

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap

Recommended by the Cleveland Clinic, this chest strap monitor is the gold standard for precise, real-time heart rate data. I use it for high-intensity exercises, like running or HITT. This monitor helps me to avoid overworking myself, which can cause post-exertional fatigue with POTS.

Shop Polar H10 Chest Strap here.

VIM & VIGR Stylish Compression Socks

I absolutely LOVE my VIM & VIGR compression socks! I wear 15-20 mmHg for everyday use and running. On bad symptom days, I wear a pair of 20-30 mmHg. If you’re looking for compression socks with fun and fashionable patterns plus all the benefits of compression, then I highly recommend these socks!

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Bose Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones

Some people with POTS are really sensitive to sound. If this is you, then a quality pair of noise-canceling headphones can be useful to help block out excess noise whenever you’re in loud environments. This pair of Bose noise-canceling headphones has up to 24 hours of battery life and features Quiet Mode, which cancels out ambient noise so you can tune out the outside world.

Shop Bose Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones here.

Biofreeze Professional Pain Relief Gel

This gel is one of my favorite products for natural pain relief. It works great to numb pain with an icy hot sensation, and I usually wear it before bed to help me sleep. (Who else hates it when pain keeps them up at night?) Check out other natural pain relief options in my post about chronic pain management.

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Metagenics: Hemagenics For Red Blood Cell Health

Personally, I’ve found that having low iron or ferritin (iron stores) levels worsens my POTS symptoms. As it turns out, this 2013 study discovered that mild anemia and low iron stores are associated with the prevalence of POTS. So, I take this supplement to support healthy red blood cells to maintain and raise my iron levels. To optimize its absorption, take it with orange juice or vitamin C. If it causes stomach upset, take it after a meal.

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Elasto Gel Hot/Cold Wrap

This wrap is a necessity for icing after long hours spent on my feet. It’s also heavenly on hot days when my feet swell and ache from blood pooling. It sounds silly (and looks silly!) but I wrap it around my head on hot days, too, to help my body cool down. What can I say? POTS and the heat just don’t mix well!

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Omron Gold Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

It’s important for POTS patients to monitor not just their heart rate but also their blood pressure. If my blood pressure gets too low, that signals that I need to drink more fluids and eat more salt to raise it. But some POTS patients have high blood pressure, which also needs monitoring. I love using this wrist cuff because it’s more comfortable (I have small arms) and a convenient size for traveling.

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Lightweight Folding Wheelchair

If you’re prone to fainting or have trouble with mobility, having a lightweight wheelchair on hand can help you get around safely. This one folds for easy storage and transport, so you can take it with you anywhere if you need it.

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Set of 5 Resistance Bands

I never used to use resistance bands seriously until I got POTS. But they’ve helped me gain strength better than free weights because this set of five bands is inexpensive and allows me to keep challenging my muscles to get stronger. You can do a lot of moves with resistance bands while sitting or on a bed, too.

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Set of 6 Free Hand Dumbbells

I wish I knew about this set of dumbbells before I bought my 5lb and 8lb weights separately. Similar to the set of resistance bands, this set makes it easy to increase in weight when your muscles are ready for an added challenge. This is a good option for people who prefer to workout with free weights or who like to mix up their strength training routines.

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Under The Desk Mini Exercise Pedaler

If exercise is something that is difficult for you because of POTS, starting slowly with a mini exercise pedaler like this one can be a good starting point. Even doing a few minutes at a time can help you build exercise tolerance. As always, consult your doctor before starting a new exercise.

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Instant and Disposable Cold Packs

Having cold packs readily available — especially in the summer or if you live in a hot climate — can help you stay cool. Take these in your purse or bag when you go out somewhere for some fast and cool relief. As a reminder, heat is a POTS trigger because it can worsen blood pooling and dehydrate the body.

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I’ll update this page regularly, so be sure to check back!