Work Them Triceps, Biceps, & Shoulders Workout

biceps, triceps, and shoulders upper body workout

Are you ready for another upper body workout?!

Lately, I’ve been doing more upper body workouts because I have a touch of bursitis in my hip, and I need to give my lower body some rest until things settle down. So I came up with this upper body strength training workout that targets your biceps, triceps, and shoulders!

This new routine involves something called supersets. If you’re not familiar with them, don’t panic! Supersets aren’t anything too crazy, and I’ll explain what they are.

Supersets are basically sets comprised of two exercises that you perform back-to-back without a rest in between. You can either perform two exercises that work the same muscle group or opposing muscle groups. This upper body workout combines both types.

For the first two supersets, you’ll be working opposing muscle groups: biceps and triceps. Then, for the final superset, you’ll target your shoulders (deltoids).

Superset workouts allow you to perform more exercises in a given amount of time. So, if you’re short on time, this kind of strength training workout will work to your advantage. These workouts also challenge your muscular stamina, as there are fewer breaks between sets. You can take a break to rehydrate and let your arms recover after each superset is completed. 

This may be breaking superset rules, but I find that I sometimes need a short break between completing one round of a superset if it targets the same muscle group. For example, in this workout, after completing a set of front raises and a set of shoulder presses, I need a quick 15-20 second break before beginning the second sets. If you need to do this too, go for it! Listen to your body; it’ll tell you what you can handle! 

Also, before I share the workout, I want to mention that this is not necessarily a beginner-friendly strength training workout. If you have POTS and are new to strength training, I’d suggest starting with my beginner upper body workout to build strength while seated to minimize POTS symptoms. Progress to this only when you can tolerate upright exercise!

Ready to get stronger after completing this triceps, biceps, and shoulders workout? Let’s work them arms then!

I am not a medical doctor or a certified personal trainer, but I have a BA in psychology and a minor in health and wellness studies. Always consult a doctor before starting this or any new exercise program. Full disclaimer here.

Biceps, triceps, and shoulders superset strength training workout

For a final upper-body blast, I’ll kindly ask you to drop and give me some push-ups! Try to do 3×10 regular push-ups, but you can do modified pushups on your knees if you need to.

I used to hate doing push-ups. But now that I’m fairly good at them from building strength rowing, I love doing them. I feel so much stronger! 

Don’t forget to follow this workout up with a source of healthy protein and carbohydrates. I love to make a protein smoothie, such as this mango and berry smoothie, along with a piece of toasted Udi’s Gluten Free Ancient Grains Bread with peanut butter. You can also try Greek yogurt with fruit or granola! 

Since you made it through this workout, I thought I’d share a blooper picture from shooting this routine.

Me, sweating buckets: Oh, Lordy, the heat!
My mom: Aww, LAURIE!!! You moved!

Hehe, whoopsies!

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